About us

Edison Telecom was established by 3 partners in 1984, to import inexpensive paging from the Far East. The company worked on the emergence of broadband and the conception of the internet. The present MD, Bob Johnson, has worked in the paging and Nursecall industry since 1968. His experience from engineering to selling is global, covering western countries from the US to The Middle East.

The Global experience is now reflected in the UK market and many equipment functions are universal.

In 1998, Edison took over GD Engineering, a well-established firm based in Ilford.

GD made its own range of hard wired Nursecall products, used in many NHS hospitals and care homes. This complimented the other suppliers/types of equipment within the Edison portfolio. GD was acquired under the express conditions that their loyal client base would be served to the same impeccable standards to which they were accustomed. Edison has continued to be of service and support the GD customers loyally in the over twenty years since the original acquisition.

Edison’s primary remit is to provide service to the care industry, whether it is maintaining, enhancing and installing legacy equipment or providing the latest I/P based systems. Edison will always discuss the customer’s requirements and try to enhance existing services first and then find the most beneficial options available which are agreeable to the customer.

Edison works with the smallest to the largest of establishments within the care industry. Simply tell us your requirements and we will meet them. This is possible due to our extensive inventory of new and legacy products and vast experience. Between the members of our team, we believe we have seen every manufacturer and system and our younger directors and team members encompassing knowledge of I/P and latest technology. If it exists, Edison has probably worked on it. Edison also believes in nurturing and encouraging skills development and has a long history of successful apprenticeships which includes one of our current directors. This allows us to maintain competent engineers and promote within the ranks, so that we have a proactive and confident team.

Edison continues to go from strength to strength, increasing its health sector market and customer base.